Critical Race Theory

We are looking for lawyers to help us fight back against the push to ban Critical Race Theory in schools across the country.

CRT Hotline Image

Partnered with the African American Policy Forum, the Center has joined the #TruthBeTold campaign to form the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Hotline. The hotline officially opens on MLK Day 2022.

The purpose of the Hotline is to provide educators and others with the necessary materials to manage the crises that have arisen due to the “anti-CRT”movement to ban the teaching of racial justice concepts.The Center is dedicated to assisting those affected in the ways possible in order to uphold the moral integrity of education.

We invite educators and parents under threat to contact us for confidential assistance:

For example, do you:

  • Have questions about what is and isn’t allowed in your curriculum?

  • Need help finding legal assistance?

  • Have questions about critical race theory and/or culturally responsive teaching?

  • Want assistance drafting a faculty senate resolution?

Learn more about the #TruthBeTold Call to Action.

We need to create a list of attorneys to refer cases to.

If you know of any lawyers in your network that would be interested in providing, pro-bono, low bono or fairly priced legal services in support of those facing persecution for teaching about racial justice, please contact us.

Also please feel free to contribute at: