Harvard Law - Howard Law Systemic Justice Project

In 2020, the Thurgood Marshall Civil Rights Center and Harvard Law School’s Systemic Justice Project partnered to launch the Justice Initiative, a year-long program exploring the various ways lawyers can play a part in creating social change.  The pilot program was a success and brought together social-justice oriented law students, lawyers, law school faculty, legal organizations, organizers, and activists to collaborate creatively regarding ways to address the systemic problems prevalent in the United States. This year, the program continues. 

Through a series of three-hour sessions, the Initiative facilitated panel discussions, presentations, and other interactive programming to introduce students to areas of law outside the traditional law school curriculum such as feminist theory and critical race theory.  The Initiative also began to build a network of motivated and inspiring social engineers and exposed students to meaningful career opportunities, such movement lawyering geared toward generating social change through research, organizing, and the law.

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