Think. Move. Connect.

We're committed to the study and practice of civil rights, human rights, and racial justice law and advocacy.

We seek to obtain the goal of racial justice by using a human rights framework and a social movement centered approach.

Howard University School of Law
Notre Dame Hall, Room 107
Washington, D.C. 20059


We believe that:

  • Real, lasting social change requires collaboration between law, organizing, and research in service of community-led movements.
  • In order to effectively fight for our people we must think globally and act locally.
  • All communities should be freed from the systemic racism that undermines freedom and equal justice in our country.

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Head, Hands, Heart

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We seek to obtain the goal of racial justice by using a human rights framework and a social movement centered approach. We use our heads, our hands, and our hearts to make a difference:

  • engaged research when fighting the battle of ideas in the ivory tower;
  • movement lawyering when fighting for our rights in the courts, the Congress, and other halls of power; and
  • community organizing when fighting to build power in the communities where our people live out their lives.

With commitments in the ivory tower, courthouse, Congress, and the community, we hope to serve as a connector that bring out the best in both worlds, all in the service of the movement.

Become a Center Fellow

We are building a dream team of lawyers, legal scholars and advocates who are committed to social justice, human rights and civil rights, including:

1) Law Teaching Fellow, a dynamic legal professional with a passion and interest in participating in litigation of a constitutional magnitude affecting civil and human rights. An ideal candidate also has an interest in entering the legal academy as a tenure-track law professor.

2) EJC/TCI Staff Attorney, an experienced litigator who understands the intersection of the first amendment and environmental justice. An ideal candidate will have experience with protest rights and familiarity with environmental issues, particularly as it relates to the Black community.

3) Social Justice Fellow, an experienced researcher with a background in education or educational policy as well as social justice.

Howard alumni are encouraged to apply!

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