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Your support allows us to foster collaboration among community activists, practitioners, and academics at the forefront of human rights and racial justice. 

The funds from your contribution will be used to help distribute the findings of racial disparities and injustice to lawmakers across the nation, on local, state, and federal levels, using a variety of advocacy methods.  This work involves an integrated approach to advocacy that combines many different techniques—litigation, policy reform, transactional work, grassroots organizational collaboration, media relations, and community education—all designed to transform public opinion.  

We understand that in order to make a difference, we must use our heads, our hands, and our hearts.  So we use these three tools to accomplish our work: thinking, acting, and connecting. In our case, this looks like engaged research when fighting the battle of ideas in the ivory tower, movement lawyering when fighting for our rights in the courts, the congress, and other halls of power, and community organizing when fighting to build power in the communities where our people live out their lives.

With one foot in the ivory tower, one foot in the courthouse, on foot in the congress, and one foot in the community, we hope to serve as a connector that bring out the best in both worlds, all in the service of the movement. Thinking, Acting, and Connecting.


Partner with the Center to extend the legacy of Justice Thurgood Marshall and Howard University in advancing freedom, equal justice, dignity, and human welfare.

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With your gift to the Center, you are helping in our ongoing feat to liberate communities from the racial injustice that undermines our country’s promise of freedom, dignity, and equal justice under law. Our mission is to help build a world where human rights are enjoyed by everyone, everywhere. Your support makes it possible for us to achieve our mission.


Tasnim Motala

Former Teaching Fellow

The national conversation on racist policing is at a turning point. Across the country, people are taking to the streets demanding that law enforcement treat Black communities with dignity, respect, and humanity. . ."

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