Sundiata Acoli Amicus

Sundiata Acoli, a political prisoner, has been incarcerated for nearly five decades; he has been denied parole multiple times because of his political beliefs, even though he poses no threat to society.

The TMCRC submitted the brief to provide additional legal aid concerning the release of Sundiata Acoli.

Specifically, the TMCRC provided key insight about:

  • the nature of mass incarceration; and
  • how the criminal justice system exiles political opponents to a life of substandard conditions and isolation. 

The Center along with students from the Movement Lawyering Clinic filed an amicus brief in support of Black political activist and political prisoner Sundiata Acoli. Sundiata Acoli has been incarcerated since 1973 when he was arrested along with his fellow actor Assata Shakur, and has been denied parole several times, in spite of excellent prison work, superb academic and disciplinary record, numerous job offers in the computer science profession, and thousands of letters speaking to his character.

The amicus brief is to further add to the case to release the 83 year old activist from his near 50 year prison sentence.

Alliance of Families for Justice Sundiata Acoli Freedom Campaign